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Aeon 34 curved all-in-one PC for gamers Review

Ask most folk what associate all-in-one (AIO) computer is and likelihood is their answer is that the Apple iMac, the enduring PC typically related to ikon and video redaction. AIOs have alittle footprint as a result of their computing bits square measure put in within a monitor chassis. owing to the restricted chassis house, they usually use laptop-grade or custom elements that can't be simply replaced by users.

As a result, these computers aren't favoured by gamers as they provide meager gambling performance and can't be upgraded sort of a made-to-order desktop computer. this is often now not the case as a result of earth tremor, that specialises in custom PCs, has sourced associate AIO style that uses off-the-rack computer elements, thereby permitting tech-savvy users to alter the interior computer components themselves.


Dubbed the Aeon 34 curved AIO PC gaming, it's associate ultra-wide 34-inch show arced for bigger immersion. additional significantly, it will accommodate full-length desktop graphics cards, as well as this king of client graphics, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. The Aeon uses a customary mini-ITX motherboard that has fewer growth choices than a full-sized version. however the desktop Intel processor and therefore the system memory square measure user-replaceable.

Storage-wise, users will tack this AIO with a primary solid-state drive and a secondary mechanical drive. These elements square measure accessible after you unscrew and take away its back panel. approval to the engineers for compressing of these elements into a chassis that's simply a small indefinite amount thicker than an identical 34-inch standalone monitor.

Its style exudes associate improvisational atmosphere. it's not as polished as a thought AIO from a big-name PC-maker. as an example, the employment of associate off-the-rack graphics card means that there's no custom internal association between the graphics card and therefore the AIO's screen. Instead, associate external cable (hidden beneath rock bottom bezel) connects the graphics card's HDMI output to the monitor's HDMI input. whereas it all looks a little crude, it conjointly means that the Aeon is used as a monitor - simply hook it up to a different supply, like a game console.

It doesn't have a inbuilt internet camera - however a rear USB port helps you to connect associate external USB internet camera, which might be mounted at the highest of the AIO. At the rear square measure 2 different USB ports, audio jacks and a memory card reader. however if you wish to attach additional USB devices, it will become a trouble. this is often as a result of the interior orientation of the elements means that the ports square measure set below rock bottom edge. they're fairly recessed and troublesome to succeed in - I actually have to put the AIO, that is large and serious, on its back to access these ports.

Speaking of that, the monitor lacks height adjustment, therefore you've got to adapt thereto instead. it's wide viewing angles and therefore the colors look good enough. However, its 60Hz refresh rate isn't pretty much as good for gambling compared with the newest models with higher refresh rates. My review unit comes with a high-end GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card that breezes through games while not problems. In Doom, it scores one21 frames per second (fps) at most settings at 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. switch to its native three,440 x 1,440-pixel resolution sees a small dip in performance to 97fps, that continues to be spectacular.