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Meizu M3 Max review: Price and Availability

The M3 Max is shipping with Meizu's FlyMe OS along with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It's crucial to see that Meizu follows a slightly distinct update model than some other manufacturers. Rather than relying upon third parties for support for newer versions of Android, Meizu regularly updates its FlyMe skin with brand new features and refinements, oftentimes for as many as two years following having a phone release. This might sound frustrating to a Western user, but we must give Meizu credit for incorporating new features often and at times even before Google.

With all the Meizu M3 Max, for example, you'll still be getting split display multitasking as well as many other cool features. Using a 4,100 mAh battery, it is no surprise that the M3 Max offers excellent battery life. Although it may not be the most effective available for this dimension, it is still considerably above average, which means that you must not have any trouble having the phone to last a full moment. Please do keep in mind that our evaluations had been conducted while the phone was connected to 3G, because the phone is not compatible with LTE from the United States. Still, these results imply that you ought to expect at least 4.5 hours of display on time using a complete day of usage, in spite of moderate to heavy usage.


Even though the M3 Max is shipping with polished software, great battery life, and excellent build quality, we cannot recommend it over similarly sized alternative options such as the Xiaomi Mi Max along with ZTE Grand X Max 2. The M3 Max can succeed in certain classes, but provides nothing exciting in functionality, camera quality, or accessibility. The Meizu M3 Max is available in China in black, silver, and golden for 1699 yuan approximately $245. Pricing varies in other markets that are official. If you're seeking to import, then you should expect the machine to cost around $270.