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Xiaomi Mi Note 2 review: Hardware and Price

The Mi Note two comes with 64 GB or 128 GB versions, which also dictates how much RAM you will get. There's absolutely not any expandable storage available, but the high capacity internal storage should be more than enough to cover the needs of most users. The device does include double SIM capacities, and the premium edition with 128 GB of storage along with 6 GB of RAM will also be available in a international version, that supports a total of 37 rings, including 22 LTE bands.

If you are seeking to use the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 out of China, this iteration of this phone is going to be your safest best as much as community compatibility is concerned anywhere in the world, or using GSM carriers in the US like T-Mobile and AT&T.


The biggest advantage of having a 1080p screen is how much easier it is on your mobile's battery, along with the Full HD panel of the Mi Note 2, along with a large 4,070 mAh battery, is a powerful recipe for remarkable battery life. The Mi Note 2 will comfortably last for a complete day, and even longer with much more casual usage. With usage involving a great deal of gaming, watching movies on Youtube, surfing social websites, and much more, I got around 6.5 hours of screen-on time, that is good.

The most unfortunate thing about the Mi Note two is that it will formally only be accessible in China. You can still pick this up in the US via stores, but it will be quite expensive in that scenario, using a cost point up of 700. Of course, to be able to use it in other niches, your best choice will be to get the international edition, which will add to the premium.

So, you've got it with this in-depth review of this Xiaomi Mi Note two! Apart from the design and the display size, the apparatus's similarities with with the Galaxy Note 7 pretty much wind there, and you also don't have to dig really deep to find out what the differences are. If you are on the search for an alternate to the Note 7, the Xiaomi Mi Note two will cover you on the aesthetics, but when you get to know this phone inside and out is the thing you will realize it has a lot more to provide and will be more than just your average smartphone clone.